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This is the online version of the ICW Planning Guide published by Chesapeake Bay Media. Like its print companion, this site is all about how to plan your trip then getting there and back again. And making it easy. For long distance travelers, just knowing where the next fuel dock lies can take a load off. If you're venturing into new territory, it's good to be able to pinpoint ahead of time where you can eat, buy groceries, plug in and pump out-maybe even play a few rounds of golf. And it's good to know how long it might take you to get there. Or if there are any bridges in your way. After all, the object of the cruising game is to have fun.

Start by rolling over and clicking a state from the map to the left. Once you've arrived on the state map page, you can select one of our participating intracoastal waterway marinas by rolling over the yellow dot and clicking on the marina name that pops up. Voila! You're at the ICW marina, with photos and every possible detail you could want to know about that facility.

Prefer to view a directory of ALL the intracoastal waterway marinas in that state in north to south order? Scroll to the bottom of the map and click on the "view complete listing" link.

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